What to Eat at Alexandra Village Food Centre

If you’re heading to IKEA to do some furniture shopping and find yourself not craving for some swedish meatballs after, why not head to Alexandra Village Food Centre? Located a stone’s throw away from IKEA Queenstown, it is home to many delectable local dishes. And of course, being in the comfort of nature’s air-conditioner translates to more affordable prices! (Yayyyyyy!) Here’s a list of delicious finds at the food centre!

1. Zhen Shan Mei Depot Road Claypot Laksa (#01-75)7516846576_IMG_3102 

You would surely had your laksa in bowls before, but have you tried one in a claypot? Zhen Shan Mei’s version helps to seal in the coconut-laden broth into every strand of noodles and when you bite into the pieces of taupok (fried beancurd) you get a burst of spice in your mouth! 

2. Leon Kee Claypot Pork Rib (#01-18)


If you’re looking for tender and yet juicy pork ribs, Leon Kee has got to be your place to go. With the meat sliding just off the bones, even the kids would enjoy picking the meat themselves!

3. Ming’s Prawn Noodle (#01-01)7516846576_IMG_3104.JPG

A portion that is value for money, in my humble opinion. I mean, just count the number of prawns! Most places would give you at most 3 prawns for your prawn noodles? 

4. Seng Heng Carrot Cake (#01-24)7516846576_IMG_3107.JPG

I’m usually not a big fan of fried carrot cake because some are simply too starchy and underwhelming but this one at Seng Heng seriously takes the cake. With generous portions of egg with the radish pieces, each spoonful is packed full of wokhei goodness!

5. Lau Phua Chay Authentic Roasted Delicacies (#01-20)7516846576_IMG_3153

If you love your rice doused with plenty of sauce, you’re surely going to give this char siew rice your thumbs up. Adopting the Teochew style of cooking, the sauce that coats the pieces of meat is slightly more viscous than your usual sauce and sweeter as well!

6. Dover Road Kai Kee Wanton Noodles (#01-09)7516846576_IMG_3138

If you prefer your wanton noodles to be firm yet springy to the bite. I also liked the portion of wanton dumplings that came with every plate of wanton noodles – more than just satisfying.

-> Here’s a final special mention to a stall not exactly located at Alexandra Food Village but a stone’s throw away. <-

  1. Poh Cheu Ang Ku Kueh (Block 127)


I feel a bit ashamed now that I’m going to say that I have actually never heard of Poh Cheu before. The stall had a snaking queue at like 9.30 a.m. on a Saturday morning and the queue just got longer and longer. Poh Cheu specialises in making traditional Ang Ku Kueh from scratch and now, they even have more unique flavours such as mango, black sesame and durian! The skin was thinner than usual and the chewy texture won me over on the spot. If you’re not a fan of Ang Ku Kueh, they also sell other snacks such as Soon Kueh and Chives Dumpling (which was amaaaaaaazing too!!)




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