Chunky Lobsters – Lobster Rolls at Friendly Prices!

Tanjong Pagar is home to plenty of cafes and restaurants but do you know that it is also home to a shop selling affordable lobster rolls? Located at the second floor of Oxley Tower, it is truly one hidden gem in the vicinity.


If you’re thinking of eating in, there are a few seats inside the stall. Alternatively, taking away would be a great option as well!


Choose from a total of 3 different lobster rolls – Chunky’s Original (Mayo, lemon & herbs), Chunky’s Connecticut (Melted butter sauce) and Chunky’s Cheezy (Parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar & nacho cheese).

(From top to bottom) Chunky’s Connecticut, Chunky’s Cheezy & Chunky’s Original
Chunky’s Original ($16)

You know what they say, the original is always the best. Personally, Chunky’s Original was my favourite out of the lot. With a little mayonnaise added alongside the large chunks of lobster meat, herbs sprinkled atop and a squeeze of the lemon slice, the freshness of the lobster came through with every bite. Would personally love to have the roll to be slightly more toasted but the lightly salted roll was still a great companion for the chunks of lobster. Can I also give a special mention to the chips? Chunky Lobsters serves cassava chips with their lobster rolls and they were overwhelmingly addictive!

Chunky’s Connecticut ($16)

This roll is for all of you who love your bread with butter! Coated with melted butter, you get a lightly salted lobster roll. With the light amount of seasoning on this, you can certainly be rest assured that you will definitely be able to taste your lobster chunks as well!

Chunky’s Cheezy ($16)

We all know who this lobster roll is meant for.. don’t we? There’s a reason why so many dishes in Singapore have cheese lying on top of them nowadays (think cheese mookata, cheese pizza, cheese gyoza, melted cheese burger and of course the ever insta-worthy cheese raclette) Chunky’s Cheezy fits the bill for all you cheese lovers out there. Using four different types of cheese – mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and nacho cheese, each bite makes for a robust taste which will leave you with a grin on your face!


Address:  138 Robinson Rd #02-03 Oxley Tower, 068906

Nearest MRT:  Tanjong Pagar

Opening Hours: 

Monday to Friday 1100 – 1930

Saturday 1100 – 1530

Closed on Sundays


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