Hi Tea – D24 Durian Jasmine Tea?!

With the expansion of Northpoint City being completed in the last quarter of 2017, it has seen several new entrants to its F&B scene.  In May 2018, Hi Tea entered the directory in Northpoint City, bringing ice-blended fruit teas and cloud teas to the residents in the area. It is also their second outlet, with their first outlet at Far East Plaza. Their main selling point has to be the research and innovation that they consistently conduct in order to introduce a plethora of tea every season for customers.

Northpoint City ‘s Store

For the Northpoint City outlet, Hi Tea is located at the first level of South Wing, just next to Jinjja Chicken.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 2.01.12 PM
Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 2.01.46 PM
Cream Cloud Series

The fruit teas at Hi Tea are ice blended with the exception of Mix Fruit King which is shaken. If you have a slightly sweeter tooth, you may opt for the Jasmine Fruit Teas range rather than the Oolong Fruit Teas range which may bring a bit of bitterness along with it. For the health conscious who are still keen to try the fruit teas from Hi Tea, be rest assured as you can adjust the amount of sugar in your drinks! 🙂

The three best sellers are: D24 Premium Durian Tea, Avocado Snow and Watermelon Snow. Being an avid fan of the thorny, foul-smelling king of fruits, I just had to get the D24 Premium Durian Tea! For those who are unfamiliar, durian is a Southeast Asian fruit that can weigh as much as 7 pounds (3.17kg) and has been described as a creamy, pungent fruit. It can be eaten right out of its shell, or packed into styrofoam packages for convenient takeaway (as shown below).

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Durian tea.jpg
D24 Premium Durian Tea ($6.80)

It comes packaged in a classic looking cup with its cute logo imprinted onto the middle of it. The man in the logo looks so at peace while drinking that it will certainly entice you to pop that straw in. But, hold it a second! If you are ordering the D24 Premium Durian Tea as well, it is recommended that you first remove the little heart cap to sip in the goodness of the durian cream before drinking from the straw to get a taste of both the durian and the tea and finally mix it altogether! This is because each cup is made by blending durian flesh and jasmine green tea, before being topped off with a generous layer of durian cream.

The durian cream had a slight sweetness to it and was of a good consistency as well, making it really smooth to sip. The lightness of the jasmine green tea plays a pivotal role in complementing the slightly thicker consistency (in comparison) of the layer of durian cream on top, making the final texture balanced. It definitely surpassed my expectations but if you’re a fan of bitter durian such as XO, you will probably not fancy this drink too much though!

HI TEA (Northpoint Outlet)

Address: 1 Northpoint Drive, #01-127, Singapore 768019

Nearest MRT: Yishun

Tel: –

Opening Hours: 1100 – 2200 daily



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