What to Eat at Rui Feng Night Market

In this day and age, the term “night markets” is almost synonymous with Taiwan. One simply cannot go to Taiwan and not go to any night markets at all. Several cities in Taiwan are brimming with night markets and Kaohsiung is no different. One of the more famous night market in the port city of Southern Taiwan is the Rui Feng Night Market.

Located a stone’s throw away from Kaohsiung Arena station (red line), getting to this night market is nothing more than a walk in the park. As this night market is frequented by both locals and tourists alike, the prices at this night market are on the lower end, as compared to Liuhe Night Market (which I will talk about in another blog post). Rui Feng Night Market occupies a land space of 3000 and is home to several Taiwanese street food favourites, Japanese street food favourites (e.g takoyaki) and several other international street food. Additionally, this night market also features game stalls, clothes and accessories stalls. If you’re heading to Kaohsiung with your family, this is definitely the one night market that you have to check out!

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of food items that you certainly should check out when you are at the market!

1. Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜球)


These fried balls look extremely unassuming as a street snack but boy, oh boy, one bite in and you will be guaranteed to be addicted to it, for life! Yes, it IS that good, and I am not even exaggerating. Fried using sweet potato, this snack goes for just NT30. Think chewy mochi balls with a tinge of sweetness.

2. Beef Cubes


At the night market, there are a few stalls selling flamed beef cubes. I got mine (NT100) from Huo Yan Shai Zi Niu 火炎骰子牛. The slices of beef are cut and flamed right in front of your eyes so instead of just enjoying the street snack, you are essentially also paying for the hot performance. There is a small sized portion as well at NT50 but given the amount in the picture for the medium sized portion, i’d say go for at lest the medium sized portion. The tender and well-marinated beef cubes also come with a side of pickled vegetables which aids in eliminating the little gamey taste of the beef cubes.

3. Angel Fried Chicken


People call this Angel Fried Chicken (NT75). I call this the “BEST FRIED CHICKEN”. Seriously. Think a crispy layer of skin enveloping a gigantic, piping hot and moist piece of chicken. What made this brand’s fried chicken stand out from its competitors is how moist and juicy the chicken meat is. When fried, the interiors of a piece of fried chicken tend to become dry and unappetising. But fret not… for Angel Fried Chicken is here to change this common perception, for good!

4. Brown Sugar Boba Milk


Xing Fu Tang first opened in Taiwan in January 2018 and its popularity surged so quickly that it has already opened 60 outlets across the cities in Taiwan. Xing Fu Tang’s famed Brown Sugar Boba Milk (NT50) is pieced together as the staff stirs the brown sugar pearls in a wok, pour these warm sugary balls into a plastic cup and finally adds milk to the cup. One would think that the brown sugar pearls would make the drink extremely diabetic and difficult to stomach. However, the generous amount of milk actually helps to counter the sweetness of the brown sugar, so it ends up tasting balanced and satisfying!

5. Papaya Milk

papaya milk.jpg

Papaya. Milk. Ice. That’s it. But it weirdly makes for an extremely satisfying and uber delicious drink that’s addictive down to the last drop! It is surely something about the ratio of papaya to milk to ice such that makes this drink flavourful and not diluted. Definitely a kid-friendly and delicious drink!




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