What to Eat at Mercado Da Ribeira

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Mercado Da Ribeira, or more commonly known as Time Out Market Lisbon, is one of the most popular food markets in Lisbon. In 2014, half of the market was revamped with food stalls specially curated by the iconic magazine. The other half still remains as a traditional meat and produce market which closes at 1400 everyday. IMAGE 2019-12-28 01:59:54.jpg

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At the other half, there is quite a plethora of food available, ranging from seafood to ice cream to pasta, sushi and many more. What I found as a unique point here is the amount of tables and chairs that are located right smack in the middle of the market. Perfect for groups who have members wanting to order from different stalls! 

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Here’s what you can try at the market!

 1. Pastel de Nata from Manteigaria

Egg Tart (1€)

Warm egg tarts for just 1 euro? YES. YES YES. Many times over. Manteigaria sells one of the best egg tarts in Lisbon. Featuring a relatively thin, crispy and flaky crust surrounding a smooth and velvety custard, there is no way you are going to stop at just one.

2. Traditional Beef and Pork Croquette from Croqueteria

This warm baby goes for 1.60€ and it is located at a store a little at the back of the main dining area. Be sure to walk all around the back as well to find this shop. This croquette boasts of an extremely thin exterior and a generous amount of minced beef and pork within. Though not substantial as a meal (of course), it’s perfect for an afternoon snack.

3. Truffled Octopus and Duck Ham from O Surf & Turf

Truffled Octopus and Duck Ham (16.60€ )

Well, well, well. Won’t you just look at this plate of beauty? This intricately-plated dish consists of octopus, duck ham, tapioca, and topped off with truffle mayonnaise and romesco (a tomato-based sauce typically made with roasted tomatoes and bitxo peppers) This restaurant is located at left side alley of the market, away from the central seating area. It also has its own seats. The duck ham leaned towards the slightly saltier side while the tapioca did not have much taste to it. I would say, eat the tapioca for the texture. My favourite elements out of these are the extremely fresh octopus, chewy to the bite but not too much and the truffle mayonnaise with the perfect truffle aroma.

4. “Pastel de Nata” Mille-Feuilles from O Surf & Turf

“Pastel de Nata” Mille-Feuilles with Port Wine Ice Cream (6.40€)

What do you do in Portugal after eating a Pastel de Nata? Eat another one in another form! After indulging in the truffled duck dish, order this! Featuring “pastel de nata” cream sandwiched amongst thin and crispy mille-feuilles, every bite is an addictive sweet delight. The port wine ice cream on the side is also a delicious icy treat to complement the pastry to end your meal.

5.  Pudim do Abade from Pudim Do Abade

Mini Pudim do Abade (6€)

 (Warning: this is for those with a really sweet tooth!) Pudim Do Abade is a pudding with flavours of the north of Portugal made from eggs, sugar, bacon fat, citrus fruit, port wine, cinammon and sugar syrup. It has a sticky, dense and gooey texture. It can get quite sweet after two bites so I would highly suggest sharing it!

Well, that’s it! Have loads of fun just exploring and eating in this beautiful market! 🙂 

Mercado Da Ribeiria (Time Out Market)

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

Nearest Metro: Cais do Sodré (green line)

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday 1000 – 0000

Friday & Saturday 1000 – 0200


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