What to Eat at Jalan Alor Food Street

If it is your first time to Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Alor would be one of the places that is inevitably on your itinerary, given the variety of local delights that are present here. Even though a Grab driver shared that locals certainly wouldn’t visit Jalan Alor and that the prices are higher than before, I popped by the street to check out the variety of street food. Here’s a list of what I think would be worth your money! (A few restaurants along this stretch is open in the day while the rest remain closed until about 5.30/6 in the evening.) For this list, only Uncle Lim Pan Mee is open before 6pm while the rest open after 6pm.

1. Uncle Lim Pan Mee

pan mee.JPG
Pan Mee (RM9)

I’m usually not a big fan of Pan Mee because of how the thick, chunky pieces of noodles tend to be too starchy for my liking. However, the pan mee here impressed me with its slight chewiness and slight thickness. The star of the show here to me, is really the broth. One can easily tell that the broth has been cooked for a decent amount of time, given the amount of umami flavours that are in every spoonful of this soup. The generous amount of ingredients (mushroom, vegetables, minced pork, ikan billis) in the bowl also makes it all the more worth it!

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday 0700-1600

2. Fried Durian

fried durian
Fried Durian (3 for RM10)

Durian. Fried. Fried Durian. It is probably the most sinful food item I have eaten during my trip to KL but oh boy, this was very interesting for me. The crust was suprisingly still crispy and thin while there was a generous amount of durian fillings inside the moment you first bite into it! This is certainly not for first-timers either as a slight whiff of the durian pulp within will send one dizzy spells! But, if you LOVE durian, you have to try this! Share the pieces with two other friends so you wouldn’t get a sore throat after this!

3. Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings

chicken wing.JPG
Chicken Wings (RM7 for two)

So many online reviews have pointed out this restaurant for their chicken wings. And I am still going to add to those.  I ordered merely two chicken wings at the restaurant and the staff shot me a dirty look, as though that is a really ridiculous order (I came here after having a few small meals). I guess if you’re harbouring thoughts about trying their signature wings, be sure to come with a slightly empty stomach so you can order a few of their other dishes as well, to risk any unhappiness with their service. Honestly, the wings were slightly above average but not mindblowing. The skin was slightly crispy and thin while the interiors were a little juicy. Personally felt that the chicken could be a little sweeter and bigger, but all in all, the chicken wings are still pretty decent.

4. BBQ Lok Lok

bbq lok lok.JPG
Oyster Mushrooms, Chicken, Quail Egg, French Beans, Broccoli (L to R) (RM17)

Before coming to Jalan Alor, I have never tasted BBQ Lok Lok before. On my first glance of the lok lok stall, I thought it was finally my chance to have something light and healthier on my trip (since the lok lok that I was familiar with involved me standing by the stall and dipping my sticks of meat/vegetables into a small pot of water to boil them before eating). I picked my skewers and then the owner retrieved those from me and asked me to take a seat. I was pretty surprised LOL. And then it came, BBQ, with some powder atop it all. Boy, was I taken aback once more. (I could almost feel a sore throat coming…) I still ate my BBQ Lok Lok skewers and on the positive note, they were all extremely flavourful. Would I eat it again? Yes, but maybe I will specifically ask for half BBQ and half not. (P.S the chicken skewer, when barbecued, turned out a little dry and hard.)

5. Musang King 

Musang King (RM25)

When you’ve tried option 2 and are VERY READY to take on the real challenge, order a box of Musang King or two at one of the many durian stores lining the street. Some stalls may have other varieties such as Red Prawn while many of the others have D24 and Musang King. Depending on your personal durian preferences, feel free to enjoy the fruit at one of these stalls. Many of these stalls are selling Musang King (on a small white tray) for about RM15/RM20/RM25 and the prices increase up to RM35. I picked up one which had a RM35 scriblled in red, and tried to negotiate and eventually I got it for RM25! That Musang King was not just the creamiest, bitter sweet Musang King i’ve had but easily the tastiest one, so be sure to bargain the prices!!

Bonus: Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream Cup (RM5.60)

Sangkaya has outlets all over Malaysia and it is all the more apt to have a dose of sangkaya or two here, especially if you have just eaten durian from one of the stalls! I absolutely adore the thick, creamy texture of the coconut ice cream, which did not seem to melt. Oh – there is unlimited toppings too! You can add your toppings for yourself which include crushed peanuts, cornflakes etc.

Some of the other recommendations that I did not manage to try include the dimsum (night) as well as the drunken chicken noodles by Beh Brothers’ Restaurant (morning). Nevertheless, hope this little list will help you in making some good food decisions at Jalan Alor! Happy eating!! 







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